In September 2015, I wrote a short piece I called ‘Assimilated‘. A short while later, I wrote a sequel titled ‘You have nothing to fear, but …‘, which I produced in response to a challenge at that asked for a story about fear.

Using those as a start-point, we now follow Victor’s adventures after his exposure to Martinus mendax:

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Episode Description Date posted
1 In which we meet Victor and his friends, and Victor meets Martin 16-04-2016
2 In which a shop is burgled and Victor helps the police 23-04-2016
3 In which Victor helps a policeman and makes new plans 30-04-2016
4 In which Victor’s plans are thwarted 07-05-2016
5 In which the postman vanishes 14-05-2016
6 In which Vic buries something in the woods 21-05-2016
7 In which Vic shows his prowess as a dog trainer 28-05-2016
8 In which Vic contemplates his situation 04-06-2016
9 In which Victor and Gina talk about a visit to France 11-06-2016
10 In which Victor and Gina fix dates for their visit to France 18-06-2016