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Throwback Thursday — ‘Twas a week before Christmas — 9 Comments

  1. Would love to pay our taxes monthly, but we are looking forward to a real tax cut now! Hope you French improves by leaps and bounds – mine is execrable. There is nothing sadder than having an old pet which is suffering. I am like you wife – my animals are like extensions of myself and I duffer with them.
    Hoping your old dog has a wonderful Christmas – and you and your family along with him, Keith!

    • Thanks, Noelle. This was all nine years ago, of course, and a lot has changed since then. Current dogs are Trevor, our JRT (coming up to 12 years old) and Eos, a Pyrenean Sheepdog cross, who is now ten.
      I hope your Christmas is everything you hope for.

  2. Pacific Paratrooper wishing you all the best!

  3. It sent the jolly thing before I’d finished typing – the entire thing was intended to read: And a MERRY MERRY cHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOURS TOO, DEAR kEITH. (O God, it’s typed the bloody thing in capitals)

    • Don’t you just hate it when that happens?
      I’ve just spent a frustrating hour in an online chat with my broadband provider’s tech support. My French isn’t up to speaking with their teenaged techs, and they only support chat on phones, not on PC (with a proper keyboard). Halfway through typing a description of my problem, he pops up and asked a question that needs a simple yes or no answer. To give him that, I have to delete what I’ve half written, answer him, then start again. All in bloody French! There. Rant over. Hopefully before my line drops again!

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