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Throwback Thursday — Visitors, plus It’s nice when family come to stay — 4 Comments

    • Funnily enough, I took some more pictures yesterday of the fruit developing on the red- and black-currant (and goosegog) bushes. After ten years’ growth it’s more currant than you’d think!

  1. Its reading things like this that make me wistful i hadn’t done the same (writing not repairs).
    I look at things now and struggle to remember how they were 13 years ago, nay, 14 now. Zoiks.

    • I used this as my aide-memoire for some time. It’s amazing how useful it can be to find out exactly when the new ride-on arrived, or when a significant visit, holiday or event happened – and it’s all searchable.
      Makes me question the wisdom of stopping doing this a couple of years ago. I did restart for a while, but the will wasn’t there.

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