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R is for Red Panda #AtoZChallenge — 7 Comments

    • It is, Kate.
      Like so many other creatures, its conservation status is complex, too; particularly given the situation with geographically and arguably genetically distinct variants.
      My bamboo patch is doing well now, but I’m afraid it hasn’t yet attracted any pandas.

    • We saw them in a zoo somewhere, but can’t recall where – probably either in France, or maybe Regent’s Park zoo in London. I vaguely recall falling in love with them and with Golden Lion Tamarins

  1. Very cute mammal! I hope perhaps a breeding colony can be established somewhere, like China has done for the black and white version.

    • I seem to recall there was a proposal to hybridise the two subspecies in order to strengthen the numbers, but it was rejected for reasons I didn’t fully understand at the time.
      The IUCN red list page has more information – the species is declining, but has recently alternated between endangered and vulnerable.

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