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Silent Sunday, 13/11/2016 — 3 Comments

  1. Today being Remembrance Sunday, this picture makes me think of my father who served in the Royal Tank Regiment in the desert – he never talked much about the war but his love of the desert and the night a WHOLE tank was dismantled by some Arabs without a sound and taken away 🙂 He, being Captain of his mob, went and demanded they bring it back and re-assemble it in front of his men for their enlightenment….much amusement was actually had by all. My father then took his tanks and men up through Italy, Monte Casino and finally met my beautiful Italian mother whilst helping to liberate her home of the Germans in Northern Italy. Today makes me think of all those men….and wish so much I had known more.

    • I don’t recall my father ever being very forthcoming about his service during the war. I know he was in what is now Pakistan, then Burma, from where he was invalided out fairly early on, having lost part of a leg following a grenade explosion. Like many people, though, he normally spoke only of light episodes.

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