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My week — summer continues — 4 Comments

  1. What a nice newsy post. Sounds like you are getting your ducks in a row (a Southern term) before your big trip. Our larger dogs also liked sitting in the sun, while the little one we have now gets way too hot and I have to put her in some shade if we are out for some length of time. Maybe the smaller body size means they can’t dissipate the heat, Good luck getting ready…

    • Thanks, Noelle. I have still to get the doctor to issue a prescription for typhoid and hepatitis jabs and anti-malarials, but I’m seeing him tomorrow, so i’ll press him then. One more round of tests and a specialist visit to go, then we can go on holiday. Clare’s father is coming to house and dog-sit for us, so we know that Eos and Trevor will be well cared for in our absence.
      Excitement is starting to set in!

    • Thanks, Derrick. Within 48 hours of the payments going through, we had confirmation that the visas were okay. They are now printed out and placed in our travel folder (as well as on my hard disk and on my cloud drive).

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