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My week — stupendously splendid, staggeringly sensational sunsets — 10 Comments

  1. lovely photo’s of beautiful sunsets. Clare you are brilliant. Might have a go at making something myself out of old pallettes,, but getting them up to the top of the building might prove difficult. Would have to ask for Trevor’s help with that!!!

    • Our next job is to strenthen our border security. You’d think a drop of almost three metres into the garden would keep a smallish dog in, wouldn’t you? Not Eos; she’s happy to squeeze under the balustrade and jump down into the garden from there. I feel some chicken wire coming on!

  2. The bench is stunning; the mown grass a phenomenon; the sunset a beauty; and if you can keep the Charolais pink you’ll be a millionaire…

  3. Wow! What a week. That bench is a stunner.Clair should be proud as well (I’m sure she is) Have a good week, Keith.

    • Thunderstorms promised for tomorrow, John, then a few cooler days before getting back to summer. That bench will be stupendous when it has all-weather upholstery (don’t ask for details, it’s way beyond my knowledge).

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