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W is for Whelp #atozchallenge — 9 Comments

  1. Aw! Hope that owner gets the help he needs or that the puppy gets a better owner. 🙁 I’ve known people who have actually done what they could for dogs in similar situations (bringing attention and food, reporting the owner for abuse, etc.) and part of you just wants to go all out and commit dognapping. Honestly, though.

    • You’d like Guilie Castillo’s A-Z on dog rescue ( http://lifeindogs.blogspot.com/). Guilie is one of the fabulous people who do just that.

  2. lol. Is this a real thing? Did your neighbor’s dog really need food while he was visiting the pub? Did you help? 🙂 Great limerick!

    • As my profile suggests, it’s all lies made up. No animals were harmed in the making of any of this A-Z.

  3. Personally, it gave me a chuckle at first, but then I pictured in my minds eye that poor little puppy all alone, and then I looked at my pup, and I gave her a pet and she gave me a wag that put a smile on my face, but sadness in my heart for the pup. I hope that man at the pup gets heartburn.

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