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Stream of Consciousness Saturday 03/10/2015 #SoCS — 10 Comments

    • I never know exactly what to expect except surprises. I think my wife is concerned for my sanity, because of the number of times I jump up from in front of my computer shouting, “Where did that come from?” or “What made him/her do/say that?”

  1. Interesting point. It’s kind of like when someone tells you to surprise yourself. I don’t know how it’s possible for people to surprise themselves.

    • I have been known to surprise myself from time to time, but it’s generally neither planned nor intended!

  2. I love the challenges you put on the everyday saying. I think you have exposed another laughable phrase. Nicely done.

    • You’re too kind. I do occasionally like to explore oxymorons and circular arguments; they’re such fun!

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