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  2. Great idea with the creative cues and great interpretations! I wish I could find something similar for visual art !

    • I can see that would be more difficult, although there are numerous photographic challenges constantly doing the rounds, which could work as well for drawing/painting. One example (the first I found on a search) is daiypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo-challenge/ but there are many others.

  3. Here you go – and it will go live tomorrow morning here: http://wp.me/p2tAaK-uP

    Lost By Sacha Black

    “What exactly do you mean by ‘We’re lost’,” I snapped, shoving my hand on my hip.

    Reggie raised his eyebrow at me, and pouted.

    “Which bit of ‘we’re sodding lost,’ did you not understand, Syra?”

    “Well, why weren’t you following the map?”

    His moustache rippled as he gritted his teeth. A red sheen started to cover his nose and cheeks, and I thought better than to point it out.

    “Ok, so you followed the map,” I said tapping his arm as the red swelled to a deep purple, “but honestly darling, were in the middle of the dessert, weren’t we meant to be in in the capital city?”

    “THAT’S BLOODY IT, your map reading the rest of the way.”

    • Gosh, you’re quick. I’ve not even thought about it yet. Excellent interpretation of the picture.

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