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    • I’ve been through all the prints from photographs I took whilst living in Tanzania in 1983-85. There is a series taken in wildlife parks; Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara and the Serengeti; which may go up here, and a few of significant people, which will be fed here over time. Most of these people I only saw in passing, so I have no knowledge of their lives before or since, but your comment has prompted me to develop a store around this young girl and her younger brother. You know where to find it, once it’s done.

      • Please give me a heads-up when it’s posted! Although I do subscribe via email to your blog, so I guess I’ll get a notification. I look forward to reading.

        • I have put something together, which I have submitted as an assignment for my Writers Bureau course. I shall post it once it comes back and I have applied any changes that I think useful following its critique. Two weeks maximum – promise.
          Title teaser, “I think it’s called progress…”

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