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  1. HI Keith – that doesn’t sound funny – perhaps after the event – a few days afterwards .. but I can understand I guess! Good thoughts about the ginger nuts though … and gen d’arme – hadn’t thought of that ..

    Cheers Hilary

    • They were both laughing like drains when they finally arrived, Hilary. They treated the whole thing like a game. It was the first time father-in-law had driven in France and it was, in he words of that other eternal youth, a frightfully big adventure.

    • Thank you for visiting and for reading this short story. Thank you especially for liking it, and even more for taking the trouble to say so.

  2. You had me at ginger nuts, my preferred dunking companion of a morning cuppa. 😉

    Liked the story, and your poor in-laws, I don’t know how they survived the trip, even with a trusty packet of ginger nuts. 🙂

    • Both parties have read the story since I posted it, and they both had the same reaction: laughter, followed by telling me a couple of amusing incidents I had forgotten, followed by telling family and friends to read it. In its own very small way, it’s gone a bit viral!

    • I’m delighted to say that the people involved not only enjoyed its telling, but also offered me a couple of extra tidbits that I had forgotten.

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