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  1. Visiting on my A to Z road trip. Good luck with the Write Club competition. I’m too afraid to enter myself this year, but I hope to follow closely to enter next year. Glad I stopped. Maria from “http://delightdirectedliving.blogspot.com/”

    • Thank you Maria. I signed up for the road trip too, but have been very remiss in doing anything about it. No-one to blame but myself, of course; I have simply taken on too many things at once, and perhaps I need to revisit my priorities and, for the first time in my life, try some time management.

  2. Hi Keith .. I should hope not – anonymous means just that!! However good luck and I shall keep my eyes posted re the 16th …. and remember if I can the 14th … cheers Hilary

    • Thanks, Kate. I have no expectations; partly because I have no experience of competitions, but mostly because I try to avoid placing expectations on myself. I have given it my best shot, and am comfortable with the piece I submitted. Beyond that, there are so many variables, not least of which are the number and standard of other entries, and the preferences and (pre)conceptions of those who make decisions. It is now out of my control and, win or lose, I am not being judged, just a small chunk of work.

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