This story is in response to a challenge (link) from Esther Newton, my tutor at Writers Bureau, for a piece using the picture below as a start point.

I love Daddy. I don’t think Mummy loves Daddy all the time, though. Mummy says I must always be in bed before Daddy gets home from work. Daddy works very hard, and he’s very tired when he gets home. Mummy says when people are very tired it’s easy to make them angry. She must be right, ‘cos when Daddy gets home he’s usually quite angry. It makes Mummy angry, too. Daddy shouts at Mummy a lot when he gets home, and Mummy shouts back. I can never hear what they are saying, though, because I hide my head under my pillow so I can’t hear the words. I know they are both angry, though.

Sometimes, I hear a bang or a hard smack noise, and Mummy starts crying. That makes me cry, too, but I mustn’t let Mummy or especially Daddy hear me crying. I told Mummy once that I heard her cry and that made me cry, but she said I mustn’t let Daddy know I heard it, or he might come into my room while he was still angry, and he might smack me for listening to his private confergation, whatever that is. So I try to be as quiet as I can.

Daddy doesn’t get tired in the day on Saturdays and Sundays, but he goes out to work in the evenings and comes back tired and angry. I don’t know why he works in the evenings though. He’s so nice in the day, Saturdays especially. He usually takes me to the park, or to the zoo, and we have a really nice time. He’s never angry, and he says that even when he is angry, he would never hurt me, because I’m his special little girl. I like being special. I wish Mummy could be special, too.

Mummy was very sad yesterday. Daddy didn’t come home from work, but some men came to see Mummy, and when they went away, she was crying really hard. I didn’t know why she was crying, though. No-one shouted and there were no bangs or smack noises.

I crept down the stairs and heard Mummy talking on the phone to Grandma. She was talking about Daddy, and I heard her say something about the main line. I didn’t know what she meant, ‘cos I’d never seen or even heard a train on the railway line that goes past our house. She said that Daddy had reached the end of the line, and cried some more. I went back to bed and cried, too.

I got up early this morning, put some clothes in my case and got my teddy. I’m going to walk down the main line all the way to the end, to see if I can find Daddy.

I love Daddy.


I love Daddy — 3 Comments

  1. Very good reading. Leaves it open to the readers interpretation as to the ending, or perhaps open for extension.

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