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When good intentions aren’t enough — 8 Comments

    • Thanks, John. I dread to think how she would have reacted, had he taken her somewhere really racy!

    • I’ve done both of those – as an 18-year old, I was working with a charity in London in 1969 and took a group of seven teenaged girls to the Leicester Square Odeon to see ‘Gone with the Wind’ (you don’t want to know the cost in tissues), and about seven years ago, a friend or our daughter treated us to lunch at the Jules Verne restaurant. Your husband must be a good guy to take you there (I’m assuming your 20th wasn’t in 1968!)

  1. Brilliant, Keith. Mind you, she won’t get far. She’d have talked about her dead husband wherever she’d been taken

    • Thanks, Derrick. Her late husband is a hard act to follow, and if it’s companionship she’s looking for, perhaps she should lower the bar somewhat.

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