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MS Waist of Space 23 — 4 Comments

  1. I did not see Merry make a run for it. I did wonder about Tarquin being a Commander. Isn’t that hight than Merry? Also why did Merry pick Patsy as a CFP? I know I know too many questions.

    • Tarquin and Merry were both Commanders, John. Since Tarquin was in charge of building the habitat and Merry was in charge of every other aspect of the mission, I assumed she had seniority. Her earlier revelation that she had been in a relationship with the Admiral, and that it had ended so badly that she was off men for life, added to what we know about Patsy, points to them making a good pair. Of course, the fact that Patsy had expressed an interest in becoming Joan Weinberg’s CFP, may have influenced Merry, and her offer of the job to Patsy could be a way of reinforcing her position.

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