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MS Waist of Space — 10 Comments

  1. I love a tale about space and astronauts. Like the humor. Like the names, too. Meredith is my favorite female name, by the way. As for Tarquin, I always think of Laurence Oliver who named his son Tarquin – I know there was a famous Tarquin as well, but I’m too lazy to google and refresh my memory. This is very good, Keith, and I’m curious about the next part.

    • I probably spent as much time deciding on authentically upper-crust names (think Harry Enfield’s Tim, nice but dim or Monty Python’s Upper class twit of the year) as I did on the storyline. I do think character names are important, don’t you? I had a bit of a surprise in part two – which ended up being sillier than part one. I fear I have created a second series to go along with Albert and Jarvis (and Assimilated/You have nothing to fear, but… looks like becoming a third – or maybe a NaNoWriMo 2015 candidate?)

  2. I have had some problems as well. Took a long time in loading until today. Maybe it’s fixed. Wonderful post in support of the prompt. The laugh out loud parts are fun and the idea of buying a commission by these two was exceptional..

    • I can only assume the line in from outside Europe differs from the line though which I access the site. It would be interesting to see a tracert output if access goes silly again, to try to establish where the delay is. I will take it up with my hosts, though I’ve had little success with such retrospective requests in the past.

      This silly little tale was loosely based on the Golgafrinchans episode from the Hitchhikers Guide series, and posits that these two upper-class twits encountered some kind of anomaly that put them into a parallel universe. I think it deserves a concluding episode.

      Buying commissions was common practice in the British army between 1683 and 1871, according to Wikipedia, which must have resulted in some senior officers qualifying for the title “waste of space”.

  3. Keith, I haven’t been able to get onto your site for several days. But – rejoice! – it seems to be back to normal. Maybe some snorkeler was scuba diving with a pair of wire-cutters and chopped the cable. Anyway, all fixed!

    • That’s a worry. As far as I’ve been aware, the site has been behaving normally. It’s hosted in England, and I’ve been seeing it okay from France, which suggests a saboteur somewhere between Europe and the southern ocean.

      • Actually I got on the page I commented on but then went to your previous posting and it wouldn’t load. A message came up that I had to allow cookies – which I do! I shall keep you posted.

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