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The last time — 19 Comments

  1. Keith this made me cry. Your response to Noelle made me cry harder. This is a beautiful heart felt piece my friend.

    • Thank you, Kari. The story was fictional, but based on recent experience ( http://channing.info/wp/2015/03/01/sad-sad-day/)

  2. E’ sempre un grande dolore quando l’animale che ha condiviso con noi tanti anni se ne va per sempre!!
    Una storia molto commovente.
    Saluti, Pat

    • Grazie mille, Pat. Abbiamo perso tre cani negli ultimi dieci anni, e non ottiene mai più facile.
      Thank you so much, Pat. We have lost three dogs in the past ten years, and it never gets any easier.

    • There are elements of dogs we have lost in here (the last one was similar to this, except that he went in for investigation, and the vet called us at home to say they had found a tumour the size of a tennis ball, and did I want them to bring him round so we could go and say goodbye). I said not, the poor blighter had clearly suffered enough.

  3. This is well done. An imaginative answer to the prompt. Surprised, I thought….how clever Keith Channing can be.

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