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It’s about time, two! — 11 Comments

  1. Oh lovely,, you finished the story. I was afraid you’d leave me hanging out there. lol And the icing on the cake was I had no idea the twists the story would take. Really enjoyed this short.

    • It surprised me, too. I had no idea who owned the voice. I now have to fit it into Albert & Jarvis. It’s quite fun developing independent shorts that impinge on the continuing tale, then backfilling them into the main thread.

      • I like the continuing thread–I have three short stories that were published in magazines that take place on my own made-up, alternate earth, and am working on another, PLUS have a couple more floating around in my head.
        Isn’t it fun? 😀

        • What I’m really enjoying at the moment is weaving short two- or three-part tales into the ongoing Albert and Jarvis story. It allows me to introduce new characters in cameo appearances in the body of the main story, while giving them their own stage in their own mini-series. It also helps to develop the main characters, while keeping them fundamentally true to themselves, at the same time trying to ensure that the pseudo-science is consistent and (I hope) kind of believable.
          Whether I am succeeding in any of these goals is for others to decide; I’m just having fun doing it.

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