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Keith’s Karakters — Hannice Knight — 12 Comments

  1. You got me! This felt so believable that I was certain at some point I was reading some sort of nonfiction biography. Great work! He seems like an interesting character. 🙂

  2. Hi Keith, I just wanted to stop by and say howdy and I have moved blogs – again – I know, I was hacked, so I am back to good old, safer WordPress, which at the end of the day is much cheaper. Its been a very educational process… Anyway, please stop by and visit me at http://www.octpusink.org I’d love to see your comments again.

    • Thank you, Kate. What I didn’t say is that the name Hannice Knight is an anagram of my name. He’s nothing like me, though. I almost used the name as a nom-de-plume, but he decided he wanted a part in my books, and who am I to argue?.

      • Clever! I like the idea of anagrams. There is a great old Ellery Queen novel about anagrams. You should google Ellery Queen and anagrams and see if title pops up. I liked the story when I read it years ago.

        • I shall do that, Kate. In the interests of full disclosure, however, it was not I who came up with the anagram; a rather clever friend suggested it when I was looking for a nom-de-plume for last year’s Write Club.

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