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Joseph’s story. — 10 Comments

  1. Keith, I like this very much. You handled both the miraculous and the ordinary circumstances of the story with grace and style. I may take up your story at some point. I have always been intrigued by what the Bible doesn’t tell us about Joseph. I think he must have been a wonderful man. Even before an angel visited him, his concern was for Mary’s reputation. I also think Jesus would not have used the example of an earthly father’s love when trying to make us understand God’s feelings for us had Joseph not been a kind, wise and giving earthly father.

    May I reblog this?

  2. So, I am utterly ignorant in the ways of religious biblelike stories, but that seemed like a reasonably accurate retelling – in the grand scheme of things? What made you put a disclaimer? am I missing something? :s p.s. is that really Mary’s parents names?

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