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Don't judge a banana by its skin — No Comments

  1. Thank you, Kate. To an extent, I had some Hell’s Angels chapters in mind when I wrote it – my Florida family have spoken often about just what good people many of them are. I have also known a number of people (a very good friend here in France being one) who look incredibly scary, and whom I would cross the road to avoid, but who are really, really nice.

  2. Interesting story. Appearances can be deceiving. Ever see an old movie titled ‘The Bad Seed’? A sweet looking young girl is responsible for murders. In ‘East of Eden,’ the fair and beautiful Cathy murders some and destroys the happiness and well-being of others. Evil can come in attractive packaging; I guess it’s also true that goodness can be hidden beneath exteriors that initially disturb us.

    You raise a good point about the necessity of sometimes making snap judgments. It’s a problem.

    Liked this a lot.

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