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The day the plane finally came — 3 Comments

  1. A surprise ending! Well done, Keith! I hadn’t anticipated the ending. I had been thinking that the individual who’d be getting off the plane was someone well loved or admired by your protagonist. Ya got me! 😀

    • I wasn’t sure how much misdirection I could get away with. My intention was, rather like in the excellent ‘Sixth Sense’ film, once you know the ending, the whole thing should have a different flavour and the clues and pointers should be obvious. I can’t tell you how pleased I am that it actually worked.

      • ‘The Sixth Sense’ – a wonderful film! I was one of the fortunate ones who hadn’t heard what the movie was about. We had rented the film and at the end of it, I was so taken by the story that I watched the entire movie again, just to follow the clues! (grin)

        Yes, Keith – your story worked very well!

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