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I think it’s called progress… — 5 Comments

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  2. I read this when you posted it, and have now come back to read it again. This seems so authentic, Keith! Did you create this, or is this a real woman and her memoir? So compelling. Well done!

    • Wow! Praise indeed, Kate. The photographs are real; I took them both when I was living in Tanzania in 1983/4, but the rest is invented, I’m afraid.

  3. HI Keith – so true and poignant … change will happen – but we do seem to bulldoze our way across ancient lands … great account of change but many have yet to catch up with the technicalities and ‘improvements’ … and no doubt we’ll go back to find out the stories from those days … as we do here in the UK …

    Cheers Hilary

    • Thank you, Hilary. As much as anything else, I am exploring how I feel about some of the subjects raised, and I may find some recurrent themes cropping up in my stories. I desperately want to avoid soap-boxing, though. If, by a brief reference, I can cause one or two people to think about subjects like albinism, FGM etc., I shall be more than satisfied.

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