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  1. I never thought of albinism before, Keith. Your story about the woman’s plight was quite an awakening to me. I can understand how villagers might be cruelly dismissive of a person with that affliction, considering them evil spirits or ghosts. You wrote very compassionately about the suffering that was endured by this woman – as well as her mother.

    You’ve certainly had an interesting life. I’m glad you choose to make use of your experiences in your writing.

    • I was only in West Africa for two years in the 1980s, but some of the things I saw and experienced there, and some throw-away comments from a couple of people I knew, and some who worked for me, have had a lasting effect on my thinking. I spoke about some during the A-Z (M is for Madaba).
      I met a few albino people there, but some of the issues, from what I have read, have arisen since I left. It’s worth looking at the output from the Tanzania Albinism Society for the current situation – but be warned, you do need a very strong stomach for some of it!

  2. Thank you, Hilary. In my two years in Tanzania, I had only fleeting contact with albino people (the two girls in the picture), but I did discuss their problems with Fr Agustin (also pictured) during the time we spent together, which was never less than a four or five hours each week. More recently, I have picked up on developments, and now follow Tanzania Albinism Society and others on Facebook, which is deepening my appreciation of some of the issues these people face. It’s also making it difficult for me not to preach. You will tell me if I start doing that, won’t you?

  3. Hi Keith – it’s a brilliant story … having lived inS Africa and having worked with albinos at times .. it is such a challenge for them. I’m delighted Esther recognised your writing … you could write many more of those … I loved it.

    Judy Croome, a South African author wrote a book called “Dancing in the Shadows of Love” – it’s what I was thinking of while I ready your story …

    Judy discusses her book in this post: http://positiveletters.blogspot.co.uk/2011/09/dancing-in-shadows-of-love-book.html
    It has the mystical qualities you are exposing us to here in your story …

    Fascinating to read your story and am so pleased Esther selected it too … congratulations ..

    Cheers Hilary

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